Website Development & Management

A businesses website helps to prove the identity of a brand and its key individuals. It is important to go through a “best practices” checklist in order to make sure your website is reinforcing the overall strategy of your business or project. Our website development services help businesses get setup on the WordPress platform, allowing for good search engine visibility, straightforward customization, easy-add blogging and more. The advanced step is e-Commerce.

E-Commerce is not just for businesses that sell and ship products; it is a tool of great convenience for monthly subscriptions, online deposits, client relations and more. We have yet to meet a business that could not benefit from adding more e-business and e-transactions into their online strategy. Don’t be intimidated by a semi-technical solution, let our E-Commerce Management Service build the foundation and you will be notified every time a “You made a website sale!” bounces to your email inbox. Trust us, it is a refreshing feeling.

Website Development & E-Commerce Management Questions

  • What can you tell us about your website development needs/goals?
  • Do you need a website transition to a more flexible platform?
  • Are you starting a new website project from the ground up?
  • Do you have good graphics, photography and other visual marketing info?
  • What business functions do you need the website to execute? — (collect forms, emails, etc.)
  • Are you selling custom or unique products? Will they “sell out” or are they renewable?
  • Do you need to accept deposits with a credit card for custom work or bulk sale?
  • Do you make the same sales every month? Do you have client subscriptions?
  • How are you marketing or advertising the fact that you sell products or services through your website?


Let MyBuffaloWeb Marketing, Inc. located in Buffalo, NY handle your Website Development and E-Commerce Management needs. Contact us for more information on how we can help save you time, money and energy. We will set up a short initial call to go over your website needs and determine the proper action to take.