Content Creation & Video Storyelling

We recognize how valuable it is for businesses to tell their story, mission and purpose through their website and social media. The attitude and ambiance a potential client experiences in person should be reflected within any traditional and online marketing initiatives. Consumers are careful about their associations, so it is important to stand out distinctly in a crowded marketplace in order to find the customers that already looking for you.

This starts with the look of your branding and website. But it is so much more than just that. We want to draw attention to, and introduce the real people and stories behind the business. This is done through engaging content that tells a story and gives potential customers valuable information about a business and the products and services they provide.

All of our marketing packages include on going written content, professional photography and high quality video creation services.

We make the process of content creation easy for our clients. We create written content for you, or in conjunction with you, depending on your availability and willingness to participate in your own companies marketing initiatives. We understand that not all business owners have the time to participate fully, and that’s why you are looking for outsourced marketing services in the first place. As far as visual content is concerned, we schedule photo and video shoots where we bring the equipment and setup a comfortable atmosphere. Even for people that don’t feel comfortable getting pictures taken or being on video, there are ways to show people working and doing everyday things, instead of taking glamour shots or reading lengthy scripts in front of a camera.

We have a successful and proven track record of providing high quality, engaging content that will help take your business to the next level.

Below are some of the examples of our content creation services.